Invisalign Platinum

Invisalign alignment trays, designed at an Invisalign lab, involve 3D imaging at the orthodontic or dental practice. The dentists then send the images to the company for processing. The Invisalign team designs individual trays and a customized treatment plan for every patient.

According to Invisalign, this program helps patients to assess the experience level of an orthodontist, which allows them to choose the right dentist. Remember that only a general dentist or an orthodontist can become an Invisalign provider if they receive proper training. Only then can they become a certified Invisalign provider for administering it to the patients. The more patients you treat, the more experience you gain. This training helps professional orthodontists to see patients for checkups and treat any problems with their teeth.

Once a professional receives certification, they are given a rank according to the number of cases they have handled. This system allocates one of eight tiers ranging from Bronze to Diamond +, with a VIP category for professionals who possess additional experience on any of the eight levels. The more cases orthodontists complete, the higher their ranking. An orthodontist must treat a minimum of 60 cases per six-month period to maintain their Invisalign Platinum Provider accreditation which is equal to 60,000 points. Being an Invisalign platinum provider is not a joke. This journey involves hard work and the expertise of seasoned orthodontics. Let's review some of the benefits of being an Invisalign platinum provider in depth.

Benefits of Becoming an Invisalign Platinum Provider

More Patients

The first and primary benefit of visiting an Invisalign Platinum Provider is that you can trust your orthodontist’s expertise and experience. In addition, being a platinum provider means they have numerous hours of dental experience under their belt.

Faster Treatment Procedures

Platinum Providers know how to achieve their goals with the smallest trays possible. That means faster treatment cycles and fewer overall expenses. Choosing an Invisalign platinum provider will help you get speedier treatment with quicker results.

Utilizing Latest Dental Technologies and Techniques

Invisalign does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution and involves a customized series of removable and clear aligner trays. Invisalign platinum providers utilize the latest technology and techniques for perfecting the treatment process. The latest clear aligner tray technology guarantees quicker case completion. Invisalign also offers colored indicator buttons for helping dentists know if the patients have been wearing the trays as per their instructions. These improvements make measuring a patient’s progress easier with Invisalign trays. Invisalign Platinum providers invest in the latest tools for accuracy in patient scans. Most other providers may need access to such high-quality equipment.

Specialized Training

Several years of treating patients mean having sufficient experience handling different cases. Like us, almost all Invisalign platinum providers invest in training manuals and research to deliver quality results.

Find a Professional Orange City Dentist for Invisalign Treatments

If you are looking for a trusted Orange City dentist, Universal Smiles Dentistry guarantees quality Invisalign solutions for people of all ages. Although most people seek teeth-straightening treatments for teenagers only, adults are also becoming more interested in exploring Invisalign solutions. That’s because it provides fantastic results and comes with cost-effective pricing.

If you want to transform your smile completely, Invisalign treatment can do it for you within six months to one year. You get beautiful straight teeth and a dazzling smile. We deliver the results you want and provide customized solutions. If you seek an Invisalign treatment or want to learn more about getting straight and aligned teeth, contact Universal Smiles Dentistry to set up your initial appointment.

Get the Best Invisalign Treatments from Your Edgewater Dentist

Being an Invisalign platinum provider means that our dentists are among those who have treated the most patients with the latest transparent braces technology. That also means that our patients can place their trust in us as soon as they walk into our clinic. Your smile and teeth have a significant influence on your life. You feel more at ease knowing you are dealing with experts committed to offering professional treatment. Universal Smiles Dentistry offers expert Invisalign treatment in Edgewater. So if you are thinking about investing in the best Invisalign treatment and want to be sure you're in skilled and compassionate hands, visit our dental clinic.

Our entire crew will ensure that your journey to transforming your smile is smooth from start to finish. We are proud to be a platinum Invisalign provider and have earned this distinction thanks to our seasoned professionals who provide high-quality Invisalign treatments. All Invisalign providers work hard to maintain their rankings as experts once they win each distinction. Invisalign Platinum providers offer the best dental treatments to keep their title and win the trust of their new and existing patients.

Since it is a unique method of straightening teeth, Invisalign is hugely popular among patients. That’s because patients can wear them comfortably. In addition, they can take off their aligners for drinking and eating without any trouble. Give us a call if Invisalign seems appealing to you. Then, we can bring you closer to having a winning smile because we believe every patient deserves to feel great about themselves.

Contact Universal Smiles Dentistry Edgewater today to make an appointment or use our online appointment request form if you want to begin using Invisalign and working toward achieving your new, beautiful smile.

Find a Quality Dentist in Titusville for Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is the perfect solution if you seek a Titusville dentist for your severely misshapen teeth. While other restorative options can also work, most people prefer this option because it is ideal for adults and teens. With Invisalign, no painful wire brackets will be an issue for patients. Invisalign often works faster than conventional braces.

Contact us if you have questions about Invisalign care or the difference between choosing conventional braces or Invisalign. Our helpful staff at Universal Smiles Dentistry will guide you toward the best dental solutions and results. We look forward to helping you transform your smile and seeing you in our local offices.