Teeth WhiteningAre you satisfied with the look of your smile? If you are even slightly disappointed with the color of your teeth, it is time to consider the merits of professional teeth whitening. There is a stark difference between DIY teeth whitening performed at home and professional teeth whitening performed at the dentist’s office. Ask patients who have tried both methods about the results and you will find they overwhelmingly testify in favor of the professional method. Professional teeth whitening really can turn a flawed or deeply stained smile into one that impresses.

Teeth Whitening Eliminates Unsightly Stains

There is no shame in having stained teeth. Every single person’s teeth are stained to a certain degree. From coffee to red wine, blackberries, chocolate, beverages and food of nearly every type have the potential to stain the teeth. What matters is whether you are willing to be proactive, visit with the dentist for a professional whitening and return your smile to glory. Whitening toothpaste, strips, gels, and other at-home whitening methods will only go so far in beautifying your stained teeth. You need professional teeth whitening to eliminate those deeply ingrained intrinsic stains. These deep stains cannot be cleaned with even the most expensive whitening toothpaste or other supposed at-home solution. The assistance of a professional teeth whitening expert is the only way to eliminate such staining.

The Magic of Professional Teeth Whitening

Tooth enamel is porous. This surface portion of teeth has countless diminutive holes in which colored particles can settle and sabotage oral aesthetics. As you consume colored food and drinks with staining molecules, your teeth are subjected to extensive staining. Repeated exposure to such staining molecules eventually causes buildup within enamel pores to the point that patches of discoloration form. In extreme circumstances, such staining can cause a completely yellow smile. Professional teeth whitening at Universal Smiles Dentistry is the solution to this aesthetic quandary.

Professional teeth whitening adds a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide activated with stimulation. As soon as the bleaching agent moves into the pores of the enamel and starts interacting with oxygen, an important chemical reaction occurs. This reaction breaks apart the compounds responsible for staining, eliminating the stains from your tooth enamel and making your teeth appear a beautiful shade of white. It is important to note professional teeth whitening will only whiten teeth with natural enamel. If your teeth have been restored with crowns, bonding, veneers or other dental restorations, the only means of whitening such teeth is by replacing the restorations with a newer version featuring a lighter shade.

Teeth Whitening Done Right

Visit Universal Smiles Dentistry for professional teeth whitening and your teeth will be whitened to your desired hue surprisingly quickly. In some cases, teeth whitening produces results in as little as 45 minutes. The whitening process is performed with considerable care to guarantee your safety, comfort and stunning results. If you prefer a tray-based system for teeth whitening, our dental team will even go as far as fully customizing your unique mouthpiece for the perfect fit with your teeth. This nuanced approach protects your mouth’s sensitive soft tissues, guaranteeing ongoing contact between the whitening solution and your teeth. Regardless of the approach, you select for teeth whitening, the Universal Smiles Dentistry team is here to help every step of the way. A key thing to remember with teeth whitening is said by Spokane Dental, "Please be aware that fillings and crowns are not affected by the whitening agent and will not lighten." So if you are getting a crown or filling think about getting teeth whitening done before your get your restoration so that you can have a bright and even smile!

Whiter Teeth Will Make You More Confident

Professional teeth whitening does much more than merely enhance the appearance of your teeth. Universal Smiles Dentistry teeth whitening dramatically bolsters your confidence. Improved confidence leads to enhanced social relationships, job offers, promotions at work and a higher likelihood of impressing a potential romantic flame. Keep in mind, we live in an image-conscious era. The way you look means just as much, if not more, than your education and your skills. If your smile looks fantastic, you will feel confident and ultimately succeed at whatever it is you set your sights on.

Opt for Professional Teeth Whitening and Others Will Treat You Better

Take a moment to think about what life would be like if others reacted positively when you part your lips to smile. Wouldn’t it be nice to inspire a reciprocal smile, a handshake, hug or other warm gesture? A smile beautified with professional teeth whitening elicits such responses. Some onlookers might even go as far as complimenting you on the gorgeous white hue of your teeth. Countless surveys and studies show people value smile aesthetics more than other physical features. Though you are certainly not trying to attract every single person you cross paths with, a beautiful smile will inspire social graces, improve the manner in which you are perceived and generate goodwill from others.

Lean on the Professionals to Achieve Exactly the Right Shade of White

We have all seen Hollywood celebrities with uber-white teeth that look nearly artificial. There is no sense whitening the teeth to such an extreme if the hue does not jive with the rest of the facial aesthetic. Our dentists go to great lengths to ensure the level of whitening achieved actually blends nicely with your unique skin tone and facial features. This way, onlookers will not be distracting by gleaming white teeth when you smile. Rather, your newly-whitened teeth will compliment your idiosyncratic skin tone, ingratiate you with others and ultimately make you feel that much more comfortable in social settings.

Contact Universal Smiles Dentistry Today

Our professional teeth whitening will transform your stained, yellowed or otherwise-flawed teeth into true pearly whites. This is the aesthetic improvement you need to look your best, feel confident and ultimately succeed in life. Reach out to us today to schedule your teeth whitening. If you live in or near Orange City, give us a call at (386) 775-9933. Edgewater residents can contact us by dialing (386) 423-3652.