Invisalign and Braces

Over the course of time treatments in the field of dentistry have improved to such a great extent with the introduction of new products and technology that have made it possible to improve one’s smile. People usually opt for the most convenient orthodontic treatment option when it comes to choosing between the traditional dental wire braces or the Invisalign clear aligners. To decide which option is right for you it is essential that you learn a little bit about how they work in aligning the teeth and the care that is needed for both.

Traditional Dental Braces

The ultimate purpose of traditional dental braces is to fix the irregular spacing between the teeth, fix alignment, crookedness, and those teeth affected by crowding. If an individual wants to have straight teeth, then they must wear the braces for a predetermined period in which brackets and wires will be placed across the teeth with pieces of elastic ties that are used for securing them. The braces can be made from diverse types of material such as metal, ceramic, or even a combination of the two. When it comes to choosing, the patient has the option to select some color options for the brackets. Many people even choose to have the brackets to be attached to the back of the teeth so that they are a lot less noticeable.

The purpose of using flexible arch wires to attach to the brackets is so that constant pressure can be applied to help in the repositioning of the teeth depending on the overall treatment plan. These days due to advanced technology the arch wires have been designed in such a way that repositioning takes a lot less time and the clients do not face as much discomfort. There are also the replaceable elastic bands that are used to connect the wires to the cemented brackets. When a dentist places the brackets and arch wires the overall process will take around twenty minutes. After getting braces the patient will have to schedule regular appointments so that that elastic bands can be replaced, and adjustments can be made every three to ten weeks. During the times of adjustment, the patients are bound to feel some tightness and a bit of discomfort for some hours after adjustments have been made. The overall duration of treatment varies from individual to individual depending on their teeth and the condition that they are in. For some, it may take six to eight months, but for others even two or more years.

With the traditional braces, an individual must take proper care of their dental hygiene in terms of brushing twice daily and eating soft foods that will keep the braces in good condition. After the braces are removed the individual must wear dental retainers for a set period which is determined by the orthodontist. It is crucial that retainers are worn after the braces are removed, if they are not then there is a great chance that they teeth may go back to as they were before and the entire treatment process will be affected. Dr. Ballard reaffirms that retainers are crucial to the long term success of your treatment with dental braces.


Invisalign are clear dental aligners that have become a popular alternative to the traditional braces. They are used in the treatment of crowded teeth, crossbite, overbite, and alignment of the teeth. The reason that people prefer this option is because they are like invisible braces which can be removed for your convenience. These plastic appliances are so high-tech that they can straighten your teeth without any compromise to the smile aesthetics. The Invisalign can easily be removed, but in most cases, the dentist might suggest minimal removal to get the best results from the overall treatment. They are custom fit to fit on the teeth and easily can slide on and off when eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. When you get this form of treatment the doctor will recommend that they are left on for a minimum of twenty hours per day. Even though they are a lot less invasive it is essential to inform patients that these aligners are not able to treat very serious orthodontic problems.

When you first make a visit to the dentist impressions and photographs of the teeth will be taken. These photos will be taken to a lab where the CAD/CAM technology will be used to develop the aligners, so they are fit to your needs. Over the course of treatment, new aligners may be needed to get the teeth into the right position. Many cosmetic dentists will even provide you with a set of aligners during the checkup visits which are spaced around six weeks apart. The overall duration of the treatment takes around twenty to thirty aligner variations in most cases and almost a year to get that perfect smile.

How to Choose Which One is Right for You?

If you are stuck between the option of choosing traditional braces or Invisalign first consult with your dentist to see which option is right for treatment of your teeth. These professionals will work with you to explain the overall process and even conduct an orthodontic evaluation to see the condition of your present teeth and select a proper treatment plan based on your needs. When you go to the dentist do not be afraid to ask questions such as how much each procedure will cost or how the treatment process will be carried forth. Discuss with your dentist beforehand so that you are prepared and do not feel anxious about the treatment which lies ahead. Always know that in the beginning treatment may seem a bit strenuous as taking care of braces and Invisalign can seem tough, but in the end, when you get the awesome results it will be worth it. Getting that wonderful smile is not so far away when you first talk to your dentist and get on the path to straightening your teeth. So, don’t wait any longer and schedule an appointment and get that beautiful bright smile that you have always dreamed of having.