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Affordable Family Dentistry Orange City, Florida

Universal Smiles Dentistry can help all members of your family get their dream smile and achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

Our dentist office in Orange City, FL combines the personal touch with clinical expertise backed by state-of-the-art dental technology. This ensures our patients of all ages get the highest standard of dental care in a family-friendly setting.

From babies and toddlers to parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, our Orange City dentist provides a one-stop facility providing all the dental care your family needs for lifelong good oral health.

Dental Treatments Offered by an Orange City Dentist 

Our Orange City Dentist offers a variety of dental services in Orange City Florida, Including:

Children Dental Services in Orange City

Children’s dentistry – pediatric dentistry – at Universal Smiles Dentistry provides a critical foundation for sound oral health through to adulthood. Our dental services for children embrace pediatric preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry, and orthodontics.

Preventative dentistry for kids focuses on regular dental exams and cleanings.

We recommend parents schedule their child’s first dental examination around their first birthday. This and subsequent check-ups to monitor your child’s dental development will facilitate early diagnosis and treatment to deal with any problems before they become serious. This avoids future complications such as loss of permanent, adult teeth.

Professional dental cleanings avoid build-ups of oral bacteria, plaque and tartar, and this helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Children’s preventative dentistry at our dentist office in Orange City, FL also includes fluoride treatments to strengthen dental enamel.

In older teens – and young adults – wisdom teeth removal may be necessary as a preventative measure and to deal with the immediate problems these teeth often cause.

Children’s restorative dentistry includes procedures such as fillings to repair cavities and prevent further tooth decay, and dental crowns in more serious cases of decay.

We also provide pediatric orthodontic services with braces or Invisalign aligners to straighten kids’ teeth.

Adult Dental Care Orange City 

As well as adult preventative dental procedures, Universal Smiles Dentistry also offers a broad range of treatments to resolve oral health issues typically faced by adults.

Restorative dental care for adults includes:

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Orange City

Cosmetic dentistry at our Orange City dentist office creates awesome smiles that boost confidence in social and professional settings – no more embarrassment about revealing unsightly teeth!

Our cosmetic treatments include:

Emergency Dental Care Orange City

Unlike some dental practices, Universal Smiles Dentistry offers emergency dental appointments.

Emergency dentistry provides immediate treatment and fast pain relief and avoids future complications.

Problems that often need urgent dental care include:

  • Acute toothache
  • Dental trauma such as a knocked-out tooth due to an accident or sports injury
  • Dental abscess

Why Choose Us as Your Family Dentist Orange City FL?

Universal Smiles Dentistry can provide all the crucial oral health care your family needs, from routine check-ups and cleanings to complex oral surgery.

Because oral health is linked with overall well-being, we take a holistic approach to Orange City family dentistry and place a strong emphasis on preventative measures to stop problems before they start. We also advise our patients on how they can keep their teeth and gums healthy at home.

Our Orange City dentists also understand the aesthetic importance of a healthy, attractive smile, and our cosmetic procedures are designed to keep you looking great as well as feeling good.

And our restorative dental treatments can avoid tooth extraction by halting the progress of decay or by countering infection and inflammation caused by gum disease.

If you’re looking for an Orange City dentist office in Florida that can do all this for your family, phone Universal Smiles Dentistry at 386-564-3111 or get in touch online to schedule an appointment. Your family deserves the best dental care you can find.