Orthodontics Treatment in The Villages 

Are You a Good Candidate for Orthodontics in The Villages?

The purpose of Orthodontics in The Villages is to realign and improve the appearance of your smile. Regardless of age, it's never too late to begin liking how you look. To ensure that you receive care tailored to your requirements, each patient has individualized treatment & membership plans.

To decide if and when you might best benefit from The Villages orthodontic treatment, our dentist will first inspect your teeth. However, there are still some crucial indicators mentioned below that help you decide if you are a good candidate for Orthodontics in The Villages or not:

Signs That You Require The Villages Orthodontics Treatment

The Villages Orthodontics is a much-needed treatment option for those who want to correct dental flaws like:

  • The reverse of crowding such as having too much space between teeth.
  • Overbite is when the top teeth on your front lower teeth bite too closely against the gum.
  • Crossbite makes biting challenging when the top or bottom teeth lie inside or outside of the opposing teeth.
  • Crowding which is often inherited; however, it can also result from thumb or nail-biting.
  • A gummy grin, such as excess gum tissue, appears when the upper jaw is larger, or the upper lip is shorter.
  • Overjet is a condition where the top front teeth stick out too far from the lower teeth and is frequently caused by thumb sucking as a toddler.

Factors to Consider Before Getting an Orthodontics Treatment The Villages

In addition to having the above-mentioned teeth issues, the right candidate for Orthodontics The Villages should consider the following factors before getting Orthodontics treatment in The Villages:

  • When determining eligibility for The Villages Orthodontics and the length of the treatment, age plays a significant role. Adult patients' therapy may last a little longer but works just as well. In comparison, children and teenagers are the best candidates, as their teeth are in great condition for realignment and reshaping.
  • Most Invisalign treatment systems provide 24-hour flexibility about when you may take them out. However, they might not be the best option for people who struggle to maintain the commitment to wear due to busy schedules or living in stressful environments.
  • The Villages Orthodontics can be a fantastic choice if you are concerned about additional oral hygiene procedures.
  • People with serious dental problems affecting their teeth, gums, jaw, or soft oral tissues are also ideal candidates for different Orthodontics treatments The Villages.

If you consider yourself the right candidate for Orthodontics treatment in The Villages, contact us at Universal Smiles Dentistry to get the most skilled treatment in your city at our dental office in The Villages!

Orthodontic Treatment in The VillagesFAQs

What is a full Orthodontic treatment?

A full Orthodontic treatment entails straightening and moving the teeth to enhance the health and appearance of an individual's teeth.

What Orthodontics services do you provide in The Villages?

We provide Orthodontics treatment in The Villages, focusing primarily on Invisalign, as we are a Platinum Invisalign Provider. This is a unique and specialized level of expertise.

What are the basics of Orthodontics The Villages?

The basics of Orthodontics The Villages include moving and reshaping your teeth and jaw alignment by slowly exerting pressure on the jawbone and teeth alignment.

How can I get Orthodontic treatment in The Villages?

You can get Orthodontics treatment in The Villages by booking your appointment today at Universal Smiles Dentistry to have your consultation.

What is the best age to get Orthodontic treatment?

The best age to get an individual's Orthodontics treatment done is between 10 to 14 years, as full teeth are grown by this age, but many adults qualify for orthodontic care.

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