Invisalign Clear Aligners

To correct misaligned teeth, Invisalign offers an alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign is a set of removable, transparent braces built just for you that gradually shift your teeth into place. They are less evident than standard metal braces because of their transparency and removable nature. Most individuals wish to straighten their teeth and enhance their smile but only consider the more commonplace metal braces.

Invisalign transparent braces are less noticeable than traditional metal braces since they do not use brackets or wires. As a result, Invisalign transparent braces deliver quicker results than metal braces. Invisalign is a good option for anybody who needs orthodontic treatment but doesn't want others to know they're getting it, even those who have put it off for years.

How Is Invisalign Constructed Precisely?

Clear aligners from Invisalign are created from a material called SmartTrack, making them more pleasant to wear and more straightforward to put in and remove from one's mouth. The BPA-free material used to make Invisalign transparent aligners makes them far more bearable than metal braces. Invisalign clear aligners are provided with a consultation. Depending on the specifics of your situation, SmartForce Attachments are tooth-colored tiny forms bonded to your teeth either before or while undergoing treatment with Invisalign. They function similarly to handles and provide the aligners with something to press on gently.

Some salient features are:

  • Miniature and unnoticeable
  • Facilitate extensive tooth movement without the use of braces
  • Assist your aligners in exerting the appropriate force in the correct place

What is the Procedure of Invisalign, and How Does it Function?

To begin, patients are responsible for scheduling their consultation sessions. At this appointment, patients' smiles are evaluated to see whether or not they are good candidates for Invisalign Platinum Provider therapy. After a patient decides to go ahead with this procedure to create the smile they have always dreamed of, they will work closely with the dental staff to finish a set of digital 3d impressions. These imprints are used to build photographs that are then transmitted to the labs that work on Invisalign.

The staff there will carefully craft a series of trays that, when used by the patients, will guide them through the steps to improving the appearance of their smiles. The number of trays included in each patient's series will change according to the severity of the misalignment. Patients are instructed to return to the dentist's clinic to collect their trays. At this point in the appointment, the cosmetic dentist will guide patients through the procedure of having their smiles improved. Patients begin by placing the first tray over their existing teeth before snapping it into place. Before moving on to the next tray, patients must wear each tray continuously for two weeks. Patients will finally be able to grin with confidence after the tray series is complete.

Who and What Can Be Treated with Invisalign?

Whether you would like to enjoy your smile a little bit more, you think you have a particularly challenging case, or you're a teen, and the teeth are still coming in. It can help you in all of these situations. It's great for the following:

  • Adults
  • Baby and Permanent Teeth
  • Children
  • Crossbite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gap Teeth
  • Generally straighter teeth
  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Teens
  • Underbite

What are the Mechanics of Using Invisalign?

You will need to visit our clinic after your initial set of aligners has been delivered to ensure that they fit correctly and to make any required changes. You must wear your aligners twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, except when you dine, brush, and clean your teeth. You can take out your Invisalign braces whenever you need to during the day. This is because the braces are detachable. Using Invisalign is simple and won't disrupt your day or your routine in any way.

Once you have received your Invisalign, you will apply the transparent braces to your teeth in the prescribed manner. Users will keep one set of Invisalign for two weeks before the next set. Your aligners may first feel restrictive because of their purpose, which is to move your teeth in a controlled and gentle manner. After a few days have passed, you'll notice that your teeth have started to shift into a new position. Also, after a certain amount of time has passed, you will realize that your aligners begin to feel slightly loose.

It would help if you replaced them later, even though they begin to appear loose. Always keep them on over the entire fortnight. This allows your gums and teeth some time to become used to the new location of your teeth. If you switch aligners too soon, it will disrupt the treatment plan created for you. You will visit our clinic once every six weeks for follow-up appointments, during which we will examine your Invisalign and the overall progress made with your treatment. During these checks, we will also decide whether or not we must implement any modifications to the treatment plan or the aligners.

Invisalign's Benefits Over Conventional Braces

Know the benefits of Invisalign over conventional braces while deciding about your orthodontics treatment. All you see are your teeth via these transparent braces. People won't even realize you're wearing them. Invisalign allows for more accurate tooth movement than conventional braces. With Invisalign, taking care of your teeth is less of a hassle. You should take aligners out before eating, brushing, and flossing. Compared to metal braces, these aligners are pretty convenient. You won't experience discomfort from your tooth or gums when using them. To put it simply, Invisalign will help you save time. With Invisalign, you'll need to come in for checks less often than with traditional braces, which need more visits to the orthodontist to swap out the arched wire and adjust. Commonly, the duration of treatment is also reduced.

When Invisalign Treatment Is Complete, What Can You Expect?

We advise you to use a retainer after completing orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign. The use of retainers is intended to forestall the movement of one's teeth from their natural positions. If you don't wear it, your teeth may slowly shift back to their original position. Putting your teeth back into their proper positions may need you to wear your aligners again, although briefly. Your dentist in South Daytona will help you choose the ideal retainer for your teeth.