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There is no reason to bring your little one to a dentist who strictly treats adults when pediatric dentists are available. Pediatric dentists specialize in treating children's teeth and gums. However, there is much more to this specialty than pediatric dental instruments designed for diminutive mouths. There are countless benefits to relying on a pediatric dentist for care.

Pediatric Dentists are Gentle

Your child is likely sensitive just like other little ones of his or her age. There is no reason to bring your child to a regular dentist when pediatric dentists are available to treat your youngster in a gentle manner. In fact, pediatric dentists go out of their way to be as friendly and gentle as possible when treating youngsters. After all, visiting with the dentist has the potential to be a traumatizing experience. Even some full-grown adults detest visiting with the dentist due to the potential for discomfort, odors, bleeding, the sound of drills, etc. Pediatric dentists are well aware of the fact that kids are especially sensitive to dental treatments and procedures. These professionals really do go out of their way to ensure child patients are as comfortable as possible throughout the duration of their treatment/procedure.

A Specialist Truly Qualified to Treat Your Child's Teeth and Gums

Pediatric dentists go through an extra two years of training to ensure they can properly treat child patients. These extra years are spent zeroing in on the development of children's oral cavities from the point of birth all the way up to the teenage years. Pediatric dentists really are that much better than regular dentists at identifying the many problems that have the potential to develop in the mouths of kids, tweens, and teens. Whether your little one is struggling with tooth decay, cavities or a delay in the loss of his or her baby teeth, he or she should be provided with specialized treatment available at a pediatric dentist's office.

Expert Insight

Meet with our pediatric dentist and you will find we employ more of a holistic approach to oral health care for little ones. As an example, we will help you pinpoint environmental factors that might play a part in your little one's deteriorating dental health. Something as seemingly subtle as thumb sucking, pacifier use, grinding of the teeth or even nutritional choices really can impact oral health.

Pediatric Dentists are Skilled at Communicating with Children

Most kids tune out their parents when it comes to oral health and nutrition. You can only give your child so many lectures until he or she stops listening. This is especially true with the topic of oral health. The better approach is to have a pediatric dentist speak to your little one about his or her oral health habits and nutritional intake. Your child is less likely to tune out the message when it comes from someone else besides mom and dad. Pediatric dentists are savvy communicators, especially when it comes to interacting with little ones. Your pediatric dentist knows exactly how to communicate his or her message in terms most likely to resonate with your child. Make it clear to the dentist that you would like him or her to reinforce the advice you have provided about oral health when meeting with your child. This way, you can rest easy knowing your lectures were not in vain. The pediatric dentist will present similar information in a much more artful and convincing manner to make a lasting impression on your child, tween or teen.

Pediatric Dentists are Also a Valuable Resource for Parents

Most parents do not know how to properly broach the subject of dental hygiene with their kids. In fact, some parents are woefully lacking in the department of oral health. When in doubt, lean on our pediatric dentist as an informational resource. The pediatric dentist will help you select the proper toothpaste for your child, choose the age at which brushing should commence and help establish an oral hygiene routine suitable for your little one.

Prevent Oral Health Problems Before They Wreak Havoc

The hands-on training pediatric dentists complete when learning their craft is of the utmost importance. This specialized experience and knowledge empowers pediatric dentists to identify common oral health problems in kids before they become significant problems. The bottom line is every child's oral health state is in flux. You need an experienced pediatric dentist on your side to help at each stage of progression.

The pediatric dentist will zero in on education and prevention when your child is an infant. Once adolescence rolls around, the pediatric dentist will focus on correcting the teeth. This specialized dentist can pinpoint issues with your child's teeth even before they begin, possibly preventing painful and costly problems at the outset rather than after damage has been done to the teeth, gums and/or other parts of the mouth.

A Truly Positive Experience at the Dentist's Office

Pediatric dentists do much more than merely analyze children's oral health and perform the appropriate treatments and procedures. This line of work is just as much about interacting with kids as it is about enhancing their oral health. Meet with our pediatric dentist and you will find your child is comfortable, entertained and possibly even somewhat happy to be visiting with the dentist.

The best pediatric dentists sweat all the small stuff in terms of child-friendly waiting rooms, colorful imagery, children's books, toys, games, etc. These are the small things that transform an otherwise bland and intimidating dentist's office into a space that feels welcoming to children, tweens and teens. Ideally, the pediatric dentist's office will feel comfortable to the point that your child actually looks forward to returning to interact with the dentist, enjoy the waiting room's entertainment and learn more about how to maintain a beautiful smile.

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