Are your teeth crooked or improperly spaced?  If so, you should not have to suffer in silence.  Help is available at our dental office.  Invisalign aligners straighten those crooked teeth with translucent aligners somewhat similar to a traditional retainer.  Invisalign shifts teeth into position in 12 months or less.  In fact, results can be seen as early as nine months.  The best part is this is not a one-size-fits-all solution for wayward or poorly-spaced teeth.  Rather, each Invisalign aligner is custom-made for each patient's unique mouth.  This teeth-straightening solution is invisible and fits nice and snug above the teeth for optimal comfort.


Invisalign in Action


Invisalign aligners gradually shift teeth into the proper position.  This movement occurs horizontally and vertically.  In some cases, rotation is required to guarantee the teeth grow straight.  Invisalign aligners apply the perfect amount of force at just the right locations for optimal impact.  Opt for this teeth-straightening solution and you will switch old aligners out for new ones once every week or so.  As long as the aligners are placed at the appropriate times, your teeth will slowly but surely move into the best possible position in accordance with the treatment plan developed by your dentist.


Invisalign Aligner Materials


Invisalign aligners are completely clear in color.  Most patients look at these aligners and immediately ask: “What are they made of?”  This amazing dental device is comprised of a proprietary SmartTrack that is multi-layered.  Those in the dental industry often describe Invisalign aligners as thermoplastic materials designed with the sole purpose of straightening wayward teeth.  The purpose of using thermoplastic is to move teeth to the ideal position without compromising oral health or causing discomfort.  Abide by the weekly aligner rotation noted above and minor adjustments will gradually occur.  As time progresses, these adjustments will position your teeth exactly as the dentist envisions. 


Invisalign Elevates Confidence


There is no sense living the rest of your life with crooked or improperly spaced teeth.  Opt for Invisalign and you will find your teeth look that much more aesthetically pleasing.  Invisalign aligners are fully translucent so onlookers will not be able to tell you are attempting to straighten out your crooked teeth.  The fact that Invisalign aligners fit just right also helps conceal them from the view of others.  Once your Invisalign aligners are in place, you will not hesitate to speak, eat, laugh and engage in social interactions.  You will have the confidence necessary to be your true self in all social settings. 


The Comfort Every Patient Deserves


There are some moments in life when you simply do not want a retainer or anything else in your mouth.  If you would like to remove your Invisalign aligners, you can do so at any point.  The same cannot be said of traditional braces that must remain in the mouth upwards of several years.  You can remove Invisalign aligners prior to eating, drinking, flossing and brushing.


Invisalign patients are quick to point out there is no need to fuss around with the metal brackets and pesky wires of conventional braces.  Furthermore, wires and brackets can damage your mouth.  Do not go down this road!  Opt for Invisalign aligners and you will spend that much less time on this oral health solution.  Furthermore, you will spend less time at the dentist's office.  The bottom line is you will not find a more comfortable means of straightening those wayward and improperly spaced teeth. 


You can Enjoy Your Favorite Foods With Invisalign Aligners in Place


Ask anyone who relies on Invisalign for teeth-straightening about how this oral health solution affected their diet and they will heap on the praise.  You can eat whatever you desire with your Invisalign aligners in place.  This is a major advantage over conventional braces that make it difficult or even impossible to eat certain sticky and hard foods.  Whether you love to eat pretzels, popcorn, raw vegetables, nuts or any other sticky or hard food, you can indulge with Invisalign aligners in place without hesitation.


Invisalign Protection


The average patient is not concerned about protection when attempting to straighten his or her teeth.  However, it is important to point out Invisalign really does protect the teeth.  Consider a hypothetical situation in which you are hit in the mouth when participating in athletics or involved in a scuffle.  If you have your Invisalign aligner in place, it has the potential to preserve the integrity of multiple teeth.  Though Invisalign aligners are not as protective as mouth guards designed for athletics, we would be remiss not to mention these aligners protect the teeth much better than regular braces.


The Smile of Your Dreams Without Inconvenience


Once an Invisalign aligner is positioned in your mouth, you will no longer have to don those unsightly metal braces.  You will not feel self-conscious in the slightest as no one will know you are relying on Invisalign for properly spaced and perfectly straight teeth.  This is quite the contrast to unsightly metal braces that take upwards of several years to straighten crooked teeth.  Furthermore, traditional braces reduce confidence, prevent you from eating the foods you enjoy and ultimately prove incredibly inconvenient.  Choose Invisalign and you won't have to worry about any brackets or wires irritating the tissues in your mouth.  Nor will you have to repeatedly visit the dentist for adjustments as is often required with traditional braces. Invisalign aligners are as convenient as it gets.


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