Invisalign Process

Are you curious to know more about the Invisalign procedure? Is Invisalign painful? To learn more, keep reading this post.

How Invisalign Works

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of what happens before you get your first set of Invisalign aligners. We will also offer easy maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your Invisalign.


You'll need to speak with the dentist in Orange City before receiving your Invisalign retainer. During this appointment, the dentist will analyze your teeth. Sessions like these will help them determine if Invisalign is the ideal treatment for your dental and oral health. Feel free to ask any questions in this consultation session. Your Orange City dentist will go over the following steps of the Invisalign procedure and address your issues. That will prepare you for the treatment before it starts.

Imaging Scan

The dentist will then take X-rays and comprehensive records of your teeth. Another crucial step is taking impressions of your teeth. The dentist will use these imprints to model your teeth digitally for your retainer. The model aids the dentist in assessing how your teeth will shift during treatment. You'll require multiple sets of Invisalign retainers during your treatment. That will help the dentist to monitor the alignment of your teeth.

Invisalign Retainers

The dentist will email Invisalign your records after making an impression of your teeth. In addition, you'll soon receive a set of personalized Invisalign retainers, which will aid in realigning your teeth. Remember that you'll need to get new retainers as your therapy progresses. Additionally, for Invisalign to be effective, you must wear them for up to 22 hours daily. If you don't, you end up delaying your treatment. You might need new retainers more frequently depending on how well your teeth are doing. The course of treatment for each patient is different. Your treatment will require more time if your teeth are seriously out of alignment. Additionally, this suggests that you must change your aligners more regularly.


Schedule a follow-up session once you get your initial set of retainers. The dentist can monitor the progress of your Invisalign treatment through these follow-up appointments. A follow-up appointment is likely required every six to eight weeks. The dentist may also give you a new Invisalign retainer during these visits. Again, the progress of your treatment process will determine the number of your follow-up visits. The dentist may need to modify your retainer if your teeth aren't moving as anticipated. They might also recommend an alternative course of action.

Things You Should Know After Getting the Invisalign Process

Getting your retainers is just the beginning. You can begin your treatment as soon as you receive your Invisalign retainer. Each person's experience with the retainers can be unique.

Expect the following when you start wearing your retainer:


When wearing aligner trays, one of the first things you will notice is a shift in your speech patterns. For instance, you may start hearing a faint lisp in the early stages of treatment. The tongue tries to adapt to the retainer in your mouth, leading to this change. The lisp will start to disappear as your tongue becomes more flexible.


When you first start wearing your retainer, your gums and teeth can feel compressed. This typically happens while your Invisalign retainer straightens your teeth, so don't be alarmed. Wear your Invisalign retainer every day, please. If not, you won't allow your mouth enough time to adjust. Wear dental wax above the edges of your retainers if you experience any tenderness. That will help you prevent scraping as your mouth becomes used to the retainers.


Before you eat, be sure to take out your retainer. After having snacks or meals, remember to brush and floss your teeth. Cleaning your retainer is also necessary to prevent discoloration and any damage.

Benefits of Invisalign

Transparent Appearance

Nobody can see the Invisalign tray as they are entirely transparent. Since they are invisible, they won't affect your smile or face. That's a fantastic alternative for anyone who wants to live without the wires and brackets that come with conventional braces.


The smooth plastic Invisalign tray material is much more comfortable than conventional metal braces. In addition, Invisalign has no protruding or sharp edges, and the aligner trays are made just for your teeth and mouth.

Safe and Removable

Is your child or teen active in sports? Your children may find the orthodontic treatment more comfortably with Invisalign without worrying about scratches or scrapes. In addition, Invisalign's removable aligner trays make it simpler to eat, brush your teeth, and go about your regular activities compared to alternative options.

Guarantees Cleanliness

When it's time to wash and floss your teeth, remove the Invisalign trays, clean them, and replace them. Cleaning the trays is also an option! Remove the trays and rinse or brush them with your toothbrush to ensure no buildup. A healthy mouth is clean. Maintaining good oral hygiene when aligning teeth for a beautiful smile is crucial.

Saves Time

Since Invisalign only requires routine maintenance every six weeks. However, other teeth-straightening procedures may need additional time and appointments.

Final Reflections

Universal Smiles Dentistry currently rates as a Platinum Invisalign Provider. Our dental clinic ranks among the five percent of national providers offering these services with a high degree of expertise. We are proud to be among the most skilled providers of Invisalign's orthodontic treatment technology. We received the Platinum status, which Invisalign exclusively reserves for dentists who achieve 60,000 points every six months, or 60+ cases every six months after passing the bronze, silver, and gold levels. We are pleased with this accomplishment because only a small number of dentists can reach this level as Invisalign providers.

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