Teeth Whitening

When the holiday season approaches, people start preparing for feasts and other gathering scenes. And if you are planning to host or go to these gatherings and feasts, you will need to have an easy-going smile that will make people welcome as they approach you.

Moreover, a smile is one of the initial things a person will perceive about you. When you visit many gatherings, events, or various occasions, you may have noticed that people greet you with an open grin. It is a familiar gesture to make someone feel welcome. And when someone has a friendly and warm smile, they actually put people at ease.

However, people often lose the magical glow of their teeth; in most circumstances, it is because the enamel wore down. Enamel naturally wears off with time, and after a certain period, only the yellowish dentin protects your teeth. Regardless of how you lost that pearly smile, you need to think of a quick solution before the holidays begin. Fortunately for you, we have a quick and efficient solution: professional teeth whitening supported by the American Academy of Cosmetics.

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening often has adverse effects as well. If it is done unprofessionally by people who are less experienced than the experts in the field, then it will be harmful instead of helpful. It will defeat the entire purpose. Having a bright smile shouldn't have to be excluded from having a healthy smile. And if you opt for professional teeth whitening services, then you can easily maintain both of those characteristics. Whitening techniques can vary; if you consult a professional, you won't have to be unsure how to use it best.

Yes, using proper techniques is extremely important; if you don’t reach out to specialists, you will only damage your teeth. Professional teeth whitening procedures are similar to how teeth whitening works in general. However, the core difference is that a group of experts will be competent enough to handle such a task. They will use the proper tools and techniques to remove each tooth's grime and discoloration. With this procedure, there won’t be any damage to the sensitive canals present in the mouth. Be it an Edgewater dentist, a South Daytona dentist, or a dentist in Orange City; you can rest easy knowing that they will take care of your smile with their best intentions. Dentists in our clinic offer the best services across different locations.

What is the Difference Between In-Office Treatment and Custom Take-Home Trays?

While both of these treatments are incredibly effective and long-lasting under the supervision of your dentist, there are a few key differences that you should remember before determining which one to opt for. With this information, you can easily make a well-informed decision for yourself.


The take-home trays are significantly more affordable than the in-office treatment. They are considered "cheap," but in actuality, they are simply at a lower rate compared to in-office treatment. Customized take-home trays are expensive on their own; they stand at a higher rate than at-home whitening products.


Your dentist usually wraps those in-house treatment sessions in an appointment or two; it depends on how severe the condition of your stains. Each session typically lasts around 60 to 90 minutes. On the other hand, you will have to wear your in-home, customized tray for several hours for an entire month or more.


It is common knowledge that no teeth whitening treatment lasts forever, but you still would like it to last for a long time. It is understandable for people to want their teeth to remain gleaming and healthy. If you want your teeth to remain shining for months to come, you should perform all types of dental care routines to ensure the health and glow of your teeth. As for which treatment is faster, there is no definitive answer. With in-home custom trays, you can wear them for three to five years, which automatically increases the longevity of their glow. However, when you visit an office, you can get done with your treatment of two sittings.

How Professional Teeth Whitening Will Help You with That Holiday Glow

If it is your New Year's Resolution, or maybe you are watching the holiday season approach and simply wish to enhance your smile, professional teeth whitening has got you covered. If you want to complete your smile with the perfect holiday glow, you should contact the most trustworthy and efficient cosmetic dentistry service.

If you hire an unreliable service, you should know that they won't be able to provide the required guidance and dental care. Furthermore, you should know that aside from the procedure, dental care is extremely important for the health of your teeth as well. So, how do professionals enhance that holiday glow for your teeth? Let's discuss the advantages that only expert dentists can provide.

They Improve Your Self Esteem

A yellow and dull smile is not something anyone particularly wishes for. And if you have lost your pearly white smile, you understand how it immediately brings down your confidence levels. If you already realize they significantly impact your self-esteem, you should head to specialized cosmetic dentistry for your treatment. Only specialists can provide you with a self-esteem boost. You won't receive it if you look for it in made-up products or other unreliable sources. See, it is a common understanding that professionals are better at operating with sensitive canals. They are also excellent at providing dental care, which is why they are the best option for improving your self-esteem.

They Make Your Smile More Youthful

Most of the whitening products or self-made remedies are usually ineffective; however, if they do work, they mostly damage your teeth. This is because they are made with many chemicals and without measuring them properly. And when someone’s teeth are affected, they tend to age by ten years. This is mainly because your smile perceives you, and when that is cracked or has gaps, others tend to assume it is due to age. Professional teeth whitening services allow you to enjoy brightness without worrying about gaps or cracks. They are excellent at identifying how much your teeth can handle and giving you treatment accordingly.

They Prepare You for the Big Events

For the holiday season, most people wish to look their best; that or it is their New Year’s Resolution to look their best for themselves. Whatever the case, a bright and pearly white smile boosts your confidence to a great extent. Aside from the holiday season, a bright smile will make you seem warm, youthful, and approachable, even if there is a simple wedding. Keeping that these are social events, these three qualities are certainly enough to prepare for big events. Only professional whitening procedures can provide you with this benefit, seeing as other ones are ineffective or take too long.

Final Thoughts

It can be either your New Year's Resolution or big events coming up for the holidays, but if you want teeth whitening, it is best if you opt for professional procedures. We discussed the difference and benefits of professional whitening, which hopefully encouraged you enough to choose them. Contact our Universal Smiles Dentistry clinic for specialists who offer excellent services and dental care. Reach out today for a reasonable quote.