Adult Ortho

It's a prevalent misperception that orthodontic treatment is only appropriate for kids and teenagers. Even as an adult, your teeth continue to move, leading to uncomfortable side effects like crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. Therefore, it's never too late to change your smile if you're unhappy about your teeth for aesthetic or health-related reasons.

You may have a healthy, attractive smile at any age. For practically any adult, orthodontic treatment is a realistic choice. Adults can enjoy the benefits of better dental health and the self-assurance associated with a confident smile. Thanks to developments in adult orthodontics, treatment is now more relaxing and less perceptible than ever. Many treatment approaches available today aim to reduce the appliance's visual presence for improved appearance and oral health.

The main distinction between orthodontics for adults and children or teens is that adults are no longer growing. Due to adults' maturity and bone density, therapy may take a little longer for them than it would for children or teenagers with the same issue. Therapy results may be impacted by certain drugs and behaviors such as grinding teeth, smoking, clenching teeth, or thrusting the tongue.

Orthodontists frequently collaborate with a patient's general DeLand dentist to coordinate care. The Titusville dentist and adult orthodontist may consult with oral surgeons, endodontists, and periodontists to achieve optimal dental health. If you want to know more about adult Orthodontics, the following information is crucial for you to know:

Dental Issues Orthodontics Can Treat in Adults

The below-mentioned dental issues are the most common in adults that orthodontics can treat:

  • If the back teeth are closed, an overbite occurs when the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth. Another name for this is a deep bite, which can be treated by adult orthodontics.
  • If your teeth protrude, indicating they do so more than is visually desirable. Either one or both arches may experience this.
  • When there is overcrowding, the amount and size of teeth are greater than the underlying supporting bone, causing overlapping.
  • If the front teeth or jaw that is lower are positioned ahead of the front jaw or teeth that are higher, the underbite is present.
  • All teeth erode over time, but misaligned teeth deteriorate more quickly and unevenly.
  • A malocclusion, known as an open bite, occurs when teeth are not in contact with one another.
  • Gum disease or a gum infection that lasts a long time and is brought on by plaque accumulation. Periodontitis, gingivitis, and severe periodontitis are the three phases of gum disease.
  • A faulty bite is one of the many factors that might cause jaw discomfort. Other frequent reasons include teeth grinding or clenching, stress, trauma, and neuralgia, which is generalized pain unrelated to local structures or functions.

Orthodontics Treatments for Adults

Never before has it been simpler to look good while working toward looking amazing. More adult treatment options than ever are available thanks to recent developments in orthodontics. Many of these offer better comfort and therapy that is efficient yet less obvious. Here are some of the most popular alternatives that your orthodontist will discuss with you, considering the choices that are ideal for your goals, needs, and lifestyle. They include:

Metal Braces

Even though some adults may not find the idea of wearing metal braces appealing, adults who use traditional braces often experience excellent treatment outcomes and are the best option for several orthodontic difficulties. More people are selecting traditional metal braces because they offer a faster course of treatment than braces of the past and are smaller and more pleasant than before.


Treatment using Invisalign transparent aligners, the most common option for adults, uses a 3D scan of your teeth to construct a series of custom-fit trays that progressively reposition your teeth and jaw. This most covert kind of treatment can be the best option if you're worried about the appearance of your orthodontic appliances.

Ceramic Braces

Adults who desire the advantages of conventional braces but prefer a less noticeable option frequently choose ceramic braces. Ceramic braces imitate the color of natural teeth to make them less obvious and replace metal braces with tooth-colored composite brackets. Because some foods can more quickly discolor ceramic brackets, just like they do your natural teeth, cleaning will be especially crucial if you have ceramic braces.

Important Factors to Know Regarding Adult Orthodontics

Here are some of the essential factors to consider and know about when you think of consulting your South Daytona dentist for adult orthodontics:

  • A removable set of transparent aligners called Invisalign are used for most adult patients. Invisalign aligners use a set of personalized, flexible plastic aligners to progressively move your teeth over time.
  • Your orthodontist begins by scanning your teeth, so no more messy impressions for you. They then develop a treatment strategy that calls for switching out aligners every one to two weeks. Every fresh aligner gently pushes your teeth into position, gradually straightening teeth over time. You'll visit your orthodontist every 10 to 12 weeks to discuss how your teeth are moving. You will also receive a fresh set of customized aligners at those appointments.
  • There are several benefits of Invisalign for adults. Patients can remove them to eat and drink since they are detachable. Less time is spent in the doctor's office. Since there aren't any metal brackets or protruding wires, they are also undetectable and comfortable.
  • Traditional braces or Invisalign therapy for adults typically costs between $5,000 and $7,500. To make therapy more reasonable, many dental offices might divide treatment costs into monthly payment plans. Many patients can also utilize tax-free money from their health or flexible savings accounts.
  • The length of orthodontic treatment for adults varies depending on the starting position of the teeth, much as for children. The typical treatment course for Invisalign lasts 12 to 18 months. When the outcome is a fantastic smile, it is entirely worth the wait.
  • Children who receive orthodontic treatment can benefit significantly in a short period. However, many people did not receive the necessary care as children. Or possibly things moved because retainers weren't worn as frequently as they should have been.
  • Some dental insurance policies pay a percentage of the cost of orthodontic care. The dental office can analyze your insurance coverage and the total cost of your orthodontic treatment during your appointment with your orthodontist.


Adult orthodontics is the path-breaking innovation and dental care that can effectively provide a perfect smile to adults without much pain. The above-mentioned factors are essential when you schedule your dental appointment with your Edgewater dentist.

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