Cosmetic Dentistry

The reason that a person’s smile is one of the most important factors in an individual's personality, makes taking care of it absolutely crucial. With the advancement and improvement in medical industry and especially dentistry, there are many options that a person can avail to get their desired outcome for their smile.

Advanced cosmetic dentistry in such case, can improve your smile if you have damaged, worn, cracked, chipped, malformed, misaligned, have gaps in between or have malformed teeth. A "smile makeover" from an Edgewater dentist involves one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments to enhance the appearance of your smile. If you know little to nothing about this wonderful form of restorative dentistry, then worry not, as here you will get information regarding cosmetic dentistry. The following is some crucial information on what cosmetic dentistry is, the kinds of cosmetic dentistry, and what benefits they can provide you.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

You are able to get cosmetic dental procedures done as long as your teeth and gums are healthy. But, if you have gum disease or several cavities, your dentist in Titusville is going to wish to treat those issues first. One important source of dental treatment is a general dentist in Orange City. Our dentists provide dentistry procedures that are restorative including dental fillings, crowns, and bridges as well as preventive care like teeth cleanings.

The majority of dental procedures restore not only health and function but also attractiveness through your smile. A cosmetic dentist, on the other hand, focuses on improving your smile. They provide procedures designed to make the teeth and gums look better. You can choose whatever cosmetic procedures you want to investigate. Cosmetic dentistry is a great option for you if you experience the following:

  • Teeth with cracks or chips.
  • Spaces or little gaps between your teeth.
  • Teeth stains and discoloration.
  • Crooked teeth.
  • Misaligned teeth.

Procedures of Cosmetic Dentistry at Universal Smiles Dentistry

So, how can you make your smile look the best? The most optimum way for people who want a beautiful smile is to visit a cosmetic dentist in Lady Lake at Universal Smiles Dentistry. In addition to performing the operations required to give their patients their finest smile ever, the best cosmetic dentists also take the time to explain why all these procedures are required.

A number of dental procedures are available to you by our cosmetic dentists in South Daytona. Below is a list of the provided cosmetic dentistry procedures at our various clinics located in the Central Florida area.

1. Enamel Bonding

Those with severely discolored or cracked teeth should opt for dental bonding as it is the best option. The composite substance used for bonding white dental fillings is often the same. As this substance is moldable, your dentist may give it the precise, attractive shape you choose. The disadvantage of this process is that enamel bonding doesn't last almost as long as dental veneers, which is why many people choose veneers instead.

2. Dental Veneers

For many years, dental veneers have served as the gold standard for cosmetic dental work. Veneers are incredibly thin porcelain shells that cover the front of the teeth. After carefully filing down your tooth's enamel, an image is taken. For custom veneers, the imprint is submitted to a dental lab. Until the permanent veneers return from the lab, you will have temporary ones. Those with front teeth that are cracked or broken, as well as those who have heavy stains that won't fade with whitening, might consider veneers.

3. Teeth Bleaching

The most common choices for those looking for a relatively quick and easy approach to alter their smile teeth bleaching/whitening. It's excellent for those who don't require much improvement beyond a little brightening or for those who don't want to devote heavily to their teeth. It's also one of the less expensive choices. Although bleach can be purchased from your dentist in Orange City, tooth whitening can indeed be done both in the office and at home. The brightening that most people want is not usually provided by over-the-counter bleaching treatments.

4. Invisalign Braces

Contrary to popular belief, a growing number of adults are having braces to achieve the smile they've always desired. Adults should consider getting Invisalign since no one is able to tell you're wearing them. The reason that braces are just not for looks makes this dental procedure fix misalignments that are the source of pain, including persistent headaches. This operation is absolutely worth the cost due to the advantages.

5. Enamel Abrasion

Another technique to get rid of discoloration is Enamel Abrasion. Surface stains are removed throughout the operation using a fine abrasive in a micro-abrasion machine. This eliminates surface stains from coffee, soda, wine, and tobacco products. For internal stains, or stains on the inside of the tooth, enamel abrasion is not so effective, so our cosmetic Lady Lake dentist will advise you on the best stain removal method.

Benefit of Cosmetic Dentistry from Universal Smiles Dentistry

The following are some of the most major benefits of getting yourself treated by a cosmetic dentistry procedure:

  • Cosmetic dentistry lowers your risk of developing periodontal disease, tooth decay, and other common oral health issues.
  • It can be used by your cosmetic dentist to address any issues you may have with your smile and help you look and feel your best.
  • You can overcome your concerns and enjoy the moment by making the corrections you're afraid people will notice. You'll be able to laugh, smile, and enjoy your life as you like.
  • With cosmetic procedures like veneers and teeth whitening, you can get a lighter, more youthful-looking grin. Also, you can look younger by lengthening your teeth using bonding, crowns, or veneers to help your teeth look less worn.
  • To return teeth to their natural color, a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures are available, such as veneers and expert in-office whitening.
  • Receiving Invisalign treatment will align your teeth, improve the appearance of your smile, and fix any bite issues. A bad bite can lead to significant quality of life problems like chronic migraines, jaw joint pain and stiffness, and uneven tooth wear.

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