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Meet our patients who have undergone the teeth-in-a-day Dental Implant Process!

Transform your smile with dental implants! See the incredible difference implant-supported bridges can make. In these before and after photos, patients went from having no teeth to a full, beautiful smile with implant-supported zirconia crowns. Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth that look and function just like natural teeth. Schedule a consultation today to see if dental implants are right for you and achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

The Universal Smiles Dentistry Difference!

Dentists are all trained to provide high-quality oral health care, but there are some ways in which we may be different from other dentists. Here are a few things that make us unique:

  • We focus on prevention. We believe that the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy is to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. That's why we offer a variety of preventive services, such as cleanings, exams, and fluoride treatments.
  • We use the latest technology. We are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care, and that includes using the latest technology. We have state-of-the-art equipment in our office, including digital x-rays and laser technology.
  • We offer a variety of services. We offer a wide range of services, from routine cleanings to complex restorative procedures. We also offer cosmetic dentistry services, such as teeth whitening and veneers.
  • We are patient-centered. We understand that going to the dentist can be a stressful experience for some people. That's why we make it our priority to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for our patients. We also take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.
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Cleaning Specials in Edgewater
Cleaning Specials in Edgewater

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Dental implants are a great choice for replacing one or more missing teeth and providing a permanent alternative to partial or complete dentures. Dental implants are artificial roots and teeth that are usually made of titanium and surgically placed in the jaw. The teeth attached to implants look very natural and can restore the appearance of your smile. They are strong and made to last a lifetime! If you are interested in dental implants in Central Florida, we invite you to schedule a consultation. Our team will examine your smile, go over the best options for treatment and build a customized plan that works for you!

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Benefits Of Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, it is recommended to replace those teeth for the sake of your oral health. When teeth are missing, surrounding teeth will begin to shift out of place. Missing teeth also contribute to jaw bone loss. By replacing your missing teeth, you can help maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Dental implants are color-matched to surrounding teeth. They can withstand the pressure of chewing and are made to last for many years. Dental implants can be used to replace one or several teeth, depending on your needs. Dental implants can be strategically placed across your jaw for a complete set of replacement teeth to be secured. Dental implants are long-lasting, natural-looking and worth the time invested!

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Cleaning Specials in Edgewater
Cleaning Specials in Edgewater

The Implant Process

Getting dental implants requires a few visits over several months. x-rays and impressions will be taken of the jaw and teeth to determine spacing available for the implant. The area will be numbed and the implant will be surgically placed into the bone. Then it will heal and integrate itself into the bone in the next six months. Depending on which type of implant you receive, a second surgery may be needed to place the abutment that will hold the tooth in place. With some implants, the post and anchor are already attached and are placed during your initial surgery. After ample healing time, a dental crown will be made and fitted to the abutment. The crown will be secured to the implant. Once treatment is complete, you’ll have a fully restored tooth that blends in beautifully with your smile!

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Comprehensive Care

Our practice offers full-service dentistry, from routine hygiene to complex dental implant surgeries.

Holistic Treatment

Our team will do whatever it takes to save your natural smile! Your overall health is always our top priority!

S. Gopal Sirivolu, DDS, MS

Dr. S Gopal Sirivolu

Dr. S Gopal Sirivolu is the founder and the Dental Director at Universal Smiles Dentistry PA. Dr. Sirivolu excels in all aspects of dentistry and has been a respected General and Implant Dentist at USD PA for over 16 years. His PURPOSE is to help his patients live longer with a higher QUALITY of LIFE by providing top QUALITY DENTAL WORK.

Dr. Sirivolu graduated with highest honors from the University of Health Sciences, India in 1993 and completed his Advanced Standing graduate program at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles in 2000. Dr. Sirivolu combined his advanced education and state-of-the-art technology at USD PA to offer the highest level of oral care. His goal is to eradicate dental disease from society by providing healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. He continues to keep himself abreast of any advances in the field of dentistry and updates his skills in order to provide excellent care. Dr. Sirivolu and his team believes in adapting and implementing the modern technologies for better patient care such as Itero 5D plus for intraoral scanning for Invisalign, implants, crowns, bridges, removable dentures, etc.

His team firmly believes in the 4C’s of Customer service:


He believes that a one-on-one approach helps achieve wonderful esthetic results. He also compassionately assists those with varying concerns about matters of longevity, health, and fears about dentistry.

Dr. Sirivolu is a member of The Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association and Florida Dental Association. He is very actively affiliated with various organizations such as “Tooth Fairy” (supporting Children's Oral Hygiene, preventing cavities and gum disease), Autism Society of America, Volusia county schools, Seminole High School, and the Oviedo High School Soccer Team. Dr. Sirivolu serves on the board of directors and trustees of Chinmaya Education Foundation. In his free time he enjoys reading books, watching movies on Netflix, playing golf with his son and traveling with friends and family.

Sharon Day O'Steen, DMD

Orange City Dentist

Dr. Sharon Day O’Steen has been with us since 2019. She started her dental career in 1969 as dental assistant, went back to school and became a registered hygienist. After that she graduated from the University of Florida in 1996 as a general dentist. Dr. O’Steen also graduated from the Beauty Institute and specializes in Botox and Juvederm treatments. She loves her patients to death! She is very compassionate and understanding with everyone’s individual needs. From start to finish, Dr. O’Steen is with them 100% on their journey to healthier smiles. Dr. O’Steen’s favorite is cosmetic dentistry because she is a part of their transformation and is able to see how happy her patients are when they are finished.

Sravanthi Tapal, DDS

Edgewater Dentist

Dr. Sravanthi Tapal is a graduate from Columbia Dental School in New York. She has 2 years of dental experience in the United States working on cosmetic dentistry, bridges, crowns, root canals, extractions, restorations and single unit implants. She received her Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. She has an additional two years experience in India after finishing dental school. She chose dentistry where she could explore the artistic and empathetic side of herself to bring beautiful smiles to her patients and to ease their pain. She enjoys interacting with different kinds of people. The area of dentistry is vast, from placing a small filling to full mouth rehabilitation. Hence, She loves working as a general dentist where she would never be bored. She is excited to finally live in the sunshine state and she is sure her pup will be equally excited. Apart from dentistry, she loves crossfit and staying fit. Fitness is more discipline-oriented for her, rather than a mere workout. And we need discipline to succeed in reaching our goals.

Haider Alramli, DDS

Edgewater Dentist

My name is Haider Alramli and I am very passionate about dentistry and oral health care. I dedicated my time and efforts to pursue my goal and in 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor degree in dental surgery from Egypt. Following that, I decided to do an internship to further my knowledge and skills before working in a private practice. In 2012, I moved to the United States and I had to go through dental school one more time, which I did at Loma Linda University in California, graduating with a DDS in 2016. After that, I moved to Texas where I practiced in a privately owned dental office.

I have a passion for dentistry and I strive to deliver optimum oral health care for my patients. I am continuing to further my knowledge and experience by becoming a specialist in Periodontics and Implant Surgery. During my residency program, I decided to invest more of my time in performing clinical research to investigate healing of dental implants and bone augmentation to help provide the best care for humanity. I graduated with high honors and a master degree in periodontics and dental implant surgeries.

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