Periodontics focuses on the health and preservation of your gums. We focus on all levels of gum health, from healthy gums and the prevention of gum disease to even the most severe cases. Our goal is to educate our patients on their oral and gum health and create treatment plans individually for them.


Gum recession occurs when there is a significant loss of gum tissue from periodontal disease, aggressive brushing, chewing tobacco or poor oral hygiene. It can eventually lead to the exposure of the tooth root.

  • inflammation of the gums
  • longer-looking teeth
  • Symptoms of gum recession include:
  • sensitive teeth
  • halitosis (bad breath)
  • bleeding gums

There are several ways to treat gum recession, and the chosen treatment method will depend entirely on the cause of the recession. A change in lifestyle may be necessary if it is caused by chewing tobacco or aggressive brushing, or it may be necessary to do a tissue graft in more extreme cases.


A bone graft may be a necessary procedure if the bone loss is significant. There are several different materials that may be used in a bone graft including your own bone harvested from elsewhere on the body, a tissue donor, synthetic materials or bone material taken from an animal that has been thoroughly sanitized. Bone grafting will help stimulate the tissues to help them continue to regenerate on their own, which will preserve the bone matter. Grafting procedures are highly successful and are excellent procedures for preparing for further treatments such as dental implants.


Crown lengthening is an excellent solution for a person who feels they may have a “gummy” smile. Frequently, in those cases, the teeth are not just short, there is just excess gum tissue hiding the rest of the tooth. A crown lengthening procedure will safely remove the excess gum tissue, exposing the rest of your tooth and lengthening your smile.

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