An inlay restoration is a filling made of either composite material, gold or tooth-colored porcelain. They are excellent solutions for dental problems such as broken or fractured teeth, decayed teeth, fractured existing fillings, large fillings or simply for cosmetic purposes.

The procedure will require two appointments. The first will be to take impressions of the affected area to prepare for the filling. When the tooth is numbed, we will remove any decay or existing fillings and fit you with a temporary restoration. Upon your second visit, your permanent filling will be placed.

An onlay is also known as a partial crown, and in some cases can be an ideal alternative to a crown because it requires less tooth material to be removed. They are essentially identical to inlays, the only difference is that one or more of the tooth’s cusps has been affected and requires covering with the filling.

The procedure is the same as that of an inlay, requiring an initial appointment to prepare the tooth with molds and decay/filling removal. The final restoration will be placed during your next appointment.  

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