Endodontics deals with any issues inside the tooth, most often root canal therapy. Due to advances in technology, we are most often able to save a tooth even with severe damage to the inside of the tooth and the tooth root.

Endodontics, or root canal therapy, may be necessary due to several problems, including:

Bacterial infection – Oral bacteria is the most common cause of endodontic problems. Bacteria invades the tooth root through tiny fissures in the tooth caused by decay or injury, resulting in inflammation or bacterial infection.

Fractures and Chips – When a significant part of the surface or crown of the tooth has been detached or broken off, the pulp of the tooth may become exposed and root canal therapy may be necessary.

Injuries – If a tooth has become dislodged from its socket due to injury, you may require endodontic treatment after your dentist has stabilized the injured tooth.

Removals – When a tooth has become completely dislodged from the socket, it should be immediately placed back into the socket, if possible. If this is not possible, place the tooth in either a special dental solution or in milk. Your dentist should be able to place the tooth back into the socket but will have to perform endodontic surgery in order to save the tooth.

Treatment begins with numbing the area and creating a small opening near the tooth. The tooth root is completely and thoroughly cleaned out, sealed, and the opening is closed. Most often, the affected tooth will need a crown for its final restoration.

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