We care about your oral health because it is so important to maintaining good general health. Good oral health habits include regular dental exams and cleanings, as well as diligent at-home care. We create individualized oral health plans with our patients to make sure they are educated and able to keep their smiles happy and healthy.


Your biannual dental exam allows us to get a clear assessment on the health status of your mouth. We are able to diagnose any problems that we may see and construct a treatment plan for you. Early detection is important in treating any oral health issue!

Here is what we will be doing during your exam:

Examination of diagnostic x-rays – These help us get an even deeper look into your mouth, beyond what could be seen with the naked eye. We will be able to detect decay, tumors, cysts, bone loss, and any change in your tooth and tooth root positions.

Oral cancer screening – Early detection in oral cancer is just as important as with any other type of cancer, and will give us a better chance at overcoming it. We will check the face, neck, lips, throat, tissues, and gums for any signs of cancer.

Gum disease evaluation – We will examine the gums and bones around the teeth to check on any signs of periodontal disease.

Examine existing restorations – We will check on any crowns, fillings, or other work you may have had done to make sure everything is in working order.


During our gentle cleanings, our hygienists will be able to clean out all of the impossible-to-reach areas of your mouth using special dental tools to give you a thorough cleaning. They will remove all of the bacteria-filled tartar and plaque from the teeth that naturally builds up as time passes. If these substances go left untreated and are not removed, they can lead to serious dental issues. They will then polish your teeth, making them shine and feel extremely smooth. You’ll walk out of your cleaning appointment with a beaming smile and feeling refreshed!


Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is well known and tested to help strengthen tooth enamel and protect teeth from decay.

Fluoride works in two ways:

Topical Fluoride – topical fluoride works by seeping into the outer surface of the tooth enamel. It is administered by a dental professional during cleanings in toothpaste form, a mouthrinse or gel form.

Systemic Fluoride – Systemic fluoride is effective for both erupted teeth and those forming beneath the gum line. We receive this kind of fluoride through foods we eat or community water supplies. It is also available in drops and gel form, which may be prescribed by your dentist. Any additional fluoride supplements are typically saved for infants and young children. However, any extra dose of fluoride must be carefully administered, as it can lead to problems.


Our digital x-rays allow us to immediately see the images, so there is no wait time for our patients. They are completely safe and reduce radiation by 80-90% compared to traditional dental x-rays.

With your x-ray image, we will be able to see things we wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye such as abscesses or cysts, bone loss, cancerous and benign tumors, decay between teeth, developmental abnormality, poor tooth and root positions, problems within the tooth and problems beneath the gum line.

We aim to detect any problems early on so treatment is much easier on our patients both physically and financially! So it is important to have your regular dental checkups with your safe and easy dental x-rays.


Oral cancer exams are an important part of every dental exam. Early detection of oral cancer increases the likelihood of successfully overcoming the disease immensely, which makes it so important to have regular dental checkups! 

The examinations are quick and easy, we will simply check for any abnormalities in the neck, face, lips, throat, tissues, and gums. If we suspect something may be problematic, we will do further testing to find out if it is cancerous or not.

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